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"When words are scarce they are seldom spent in vain"— Shakespeare

Robert Scotellaro Flash Fiction - Measuring the Distance


“Scotellaro’s flash stories, sentence by sentence, ride disjunction to dazzling heights of hilarity, hard won wisdom, and the sweetest grief. He is the sublime story teller of tiny lives colliding with big moments.”

- Pamela Painter, Author of Wouldn’t You Like to Know and The Long and Short of It


Robert Scotellaro Flash Fiction - Measuring the Distance"Measuring the Distance grabbed me with its first line — "'You can keep the frogs,' my ex says" — and never let go. I was a thoroughly willing prisoner. These sparkling flash fictions pulse with heart and humor, presenting a vision of life and love that is as skewed as it is realistic — and above all, supremely entertaining. If there’s any justice — Are you listening, literature gods? — this gem of a collection will garner the wide readership it so richly deserves."
- Tom Hazuka, Editor, Sudden Flash Youth; Flash Fiction; You Have Time for This

Finalist for the da Vinci Eye Award (for excellence in book design) and received Honorable Mention for the Eric Hoffer Book Award (for excellence in fiction).


Following is a comprehensive flash fiction bibliography at the University of Chester:

Flash Fiction Collection


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