Nothing Is Ever One Thing

  • Paperback: 96 pages
  • Publisher: Blue Light Press (June 27, 2019)

Nothing Is Ever One Thing is a Master Class in flash fiction.  These elegant stories shine a slanted light on the high wire act of human existence with a unique blend of pathos and grit.  Robert Scotellaro’s microfictions are breathtaking little epiphanies.”

—Meg Pokrass, author of Damn Sure Right and Alligators At Night


“Dazzling stories and delicate micro-fables appear side by side in Robert Scotellaro’s new collection, NOTHING IS EVER ONE THING.  It takes a visionary writer to slap that brilliant title on a book, then show us how it is true.”

—Pamela Painter, author of Ways to Spend the Night and Wouldn’t You Like to Know


“Nothing Is Ever One Thing is a perfect Scotellaro stew of geishas, bingo callers, stuntmen, and musical saw bands, sprinkled throughout with micro-fables and other tasty bits. The magic and beauty of chance are celebrated along with the various relationships we live in every day. Brilliant stories from the pen of a flash fiction master.”

—Francine Witte, author of The Way of the Wind and Dressed All Wrong for This

“If I had a Hall of Fame of flash fiction writers, Robert Scotellaro would be in it.”

—Robert Shapard, co-editor of W.W. Norton’s Flash Fiction International and Sudden Fiction