“Another brilliant, experimental flash collection from the micro master. Includes a good mix of styles and subject matter, all condensed into small bouquets of vibrant flash offerings. Scotellaro walks the line between humor and deep pathos with skill and empathy for his characters, often concentrating with vision and shrewdness on domesticity. One of my favorite first lines in fiction from “Smoke Signals”:

“My father would bring home fish instead of flowers, after harsh words stained everything.”

I can (and have) read many of these over and over and still get much out of his little stories, and I love the playful descending P.S. format he uses in many of them.”

Tara L. Masih, author of My Real Name is Hanna

Nothing Is Ever One Thing

  • Paperback: 96 pages
  • Publisher: Blue Light Press (2019)

Nothing Is Ever One Thing is a Master Class in flash fiction.  These elegant stories shine a slanted light on the high wire act of human existence with a unique blend of pathos and grit.  Robert Scotellaro’s microfictions are breathtaking little epiphanies.”

—Meg Pokrass, author of Damn Sure Right and Alligators At Night


“Dazzling stories and delicate micro-fables appear side by side in Robert Scotellaro’s new collection, NOTHING IS EVER ONE THING.  It takes a visionary writer to slap that brilliant title on a book, then show us how it is true.”

—Pamela Painter, author of Ways to Spend the Night and Wouldn’t You Like to Know


“Nothing Is Ever One Thing is a perfect Scotellaro stew of geishas, bingo callers, stuntmen, and musical saw bands, sprinkled throughout with micro-fables and other tasty bits. The magic and beauty of chance are celebrated along with the various relationships we live in every day. Brilliant stories from the pen of a flash fiction master.”

—Francine Witte, author of The Way of the Wind and Dressed All Wrong for This


“If I had a Hall of Fame of flash fiction writers, Robert Scotellaro would be in it.”

—Robert Shapard, co-editor of W.W. Norton’s Flash Fiction International and Sudden Fiction