Other Books, Chapbooks, and Limited Edition Earlier Works

Here are some earlier books, chapbooks, and limited editions that span a variety of periods and genres.


“These poems in The Night Sings A Capella remind us that the world is full of luminous epiphanies.”

—Diane Frank, author of Yoga of the Impossible

“The prose poems in Rhapsody of Fallen Objects explore the often elaborate adjustments  people make under the weight of daily living.  A scramble for the exits is one strategy, acceptance, another.  More often it’s that tricky territory between.”

—Flutter Press


The Night Sings A Cappella

(Big Table Publishing, 2011)

Rhapsody of Fallen Objects

(Flutter Press, 2010)

My Father’s Cadillac

(Six-Shooter Press, 1984)

Early Love Poems of Genghis Khan

(Lion’s Breath Press, 1979)

Blinded by Halos

(Lion’s Breath Press, 1978)

East Harlem Poems

(Vagabond Press, 1977)

After the Revolution

(White Knuckle Press, 2014)

Children’s Books

The Terrible Storm 

(Cricket Books, 2016)

Snail Stampede and Other Poems

(Hands Up Books, 2004)

Dancing with Frankenstein and Other Limericks

(Hands Up Books, 2003)

Daddy Fixed the Vacuum Cleaner

(Willowisp Press, 1993)

Underground Comix Literature

Slushpump Adams
Cover art by Leslie Cabarga

(The San Francisco Comic Book Co., 1973)

Verse Burgers
Cover art by Art Spiegelman

(Planet Repair Shop Press, 1972)

Cover art by Leslie Cabarga

(The San Francisco Comic Book Co., 1972)

Cover art by Rory Hayes

(The San Francisco Comic Book Co., 1972)

Lullaby for a Speedfreak
Cover art by Larry Rippee

(The San Francisco Comic Book Co., 1972)

Cover art by James Osborne

(23rd Street Press, 1971)


The Joy of Friendship

(Meadowbrook Press, 1996,
Distributed by Simon and Schuster)