Other Books

Perhaps here we’d include a nice statement about how many books you’ve published over the years, what your approach to writing is and how it changes based on whether you’re writing from your own inspiration or if you’ve been commissioned to write something (like The Joy of Friendship), etc?

The Night Sings A Cappella

(Big Table Publishing, 2011)

Rhapsody of Fallen Objects

(Flutter Press, 2010)

My Father’s Cadillac

(Six-Shooter Press, 1984)

Early Love Poems of Genghis Kahn

(Lion’s Breath Press, 1979)

Blinded by Halos

(Lion’s Breath Press, 1978)

East Harlem Poems

(Vagabond Press, 1977)

Children’s Books

The Terrible Storm

(Cricket Books, 2016)

Snail Stampede and Other Poems

(Hands Up Books, 2004)

Dancing with Frankenstein and Other Limericks

(Hands Up Books, 2003)

Daddy Fixed the Vacuum Cleaner

(Willowisp Press, 1993)


The Joy of Friendship

(Meadowbrook Press, 1996)

Underground Comix Literature

Slushpump Adams (1973)

Cover art by Leslie Cabarga 

Verse Burgers (1972) 

Cover art by Art Spiegelman

Yuckamobe (1971)

Cover art by James Osborne