“Scotellaro is constantly jumping off cliffs, out of windows, from tall buildings, in these nuggets of fiction, all a single paragraph in length (two of the sixty-five pieces are short dialogues), gracefully landing on his feet and taking a bow after rocketing headlong toward the earth.”

—Charles Rammelkamp, at London Grip [LINK]


“Scotellaro creates envy in his fellow writers for his protean imagination and pen. His stories have a perfect beauty and truth about them arising from his deep insight and appreciation for what being human is on both a primal and enlightened level. We always learn something about who we are by delving into his expansive creative world. Like all great writers his vision has a surefire potency.”

—Gunther Purdue, at Amazon

Quick Adjustments

  • Paperback: 82 pages
  • Publisher: Blue Light Press (October 18, 2023)

“To read Robert Scotellaro’s microfictions is to continually have a smile on your face, marveling at his humor, his wit, his inventiveness with language and story. These quick hits slap you awake with their high-wire cleverness – the hitman who spends his evenings reading to the blind, the nun with the prison tattoo, the man who visits his ex-wife in a lion’s cage, the sewer worker who reinvents his life, the “dudes” in the House of Pancakes discussing infinity, high on LSD. Sheer delight!”

—Charles Rammelkamp, author of A Magician Among the Spirits and Presto

Quick Adjustments, Robert Scotellaro’s luminous new collection of micro-stories, demonstrates the author’s unparalleled gifts for fine-grained detail and razor-sharp comedic irony, the quintessential features of the finest compressed narrative literature. In richly concise stories that range from the confessions of a failed, self-doubting fire-walker, to the fractured legerdemain of a would-be magician who sports a purloined cape and monocle, the vivid narratives in this masterful collection – sometimes bawdy, sometimes melancholy – remind us that the transcendent is often based in the commonplace and that the saddest tales of human frailty are frequently also the most comedic.”

—Brad Rose, author of Lucky Animals and No. Wait. I Can Explain. 

“I dare you to find another writer who can wow you in micro like Robert Scotellaro can, from startling starts—’He sat with his naked feet in the baby pool, a rifle on his lap, and waited for the bear’—to perfectly finessed finishes—’A snowman gaining way too much weight.’ In Quick Adjustments, Scotellaro deftly magics his characters onto and off of the page, leaving us marveling at their leaps and contortions. A couple who adopt monsters. A family whose backyard is pocked with craters. A one-eyed collector of dented breastplates. Scotellaro’s stories are peopled by characters flying dangerously through life who we pray will somehow hit the net.”

—Lynn Mundell, author of Let Our Bodies Be Returned to Us; editor of Centaur


“In Quick Adjustments Robert Scotellaro proves once again his mastery of the short form. In the smallest spaces these tiny stories resonate with power and longing.”

—Sandra Arnold, author of The Bones of the Story; Where the Wind Blows