Published Stories

A selection of stories from over the years:

The Pizza Man” at District Lit

Niagara Falls” at Maryland Literary Review

Three Entries from a Somnambulist’s Dictionary” at New World Writing:

“Three Stories” at 100 word story

“The Tiniest Fish” at Spelk

“Fun House” at New Flash Fiction Review

“Breakdancing Butcher” at The Airgonaut

“Flash Special: Five by Robert Scotellaro” at Blue Fifth Review

“The Metamorphosis (Revisited)” at Flash Frontier

“Sweet Tooth” at Bull

“Ballet, Sinus Headaches, and a Decent Steak” at Post Card Poems and Prose Magazine

“Kept” at Dogzplot

“His Ink and Miss Atomic Bomb” at Matter Press

“A Knife on the Bed” at Matter Press

“Nothing Is Ever One Thing” at Bending Genres

“Paper Dolls” at New Flash Fiction Review

“Leaning In” at NANO Fiction (podcast)

“A Lamb at the Dinner Table” New Flash Fiction Review

“Mr. Wizard” at Fictive Dream

“A Neighbor in the Rain” and “Sumo Wrestlers’ Heating Service” at Meniscus Literary Journal (PDF download)

“A Unicorn, A Chicken, and God Talking Through My Mother’s Cat” at District Lit

“Fly Swatter” at Flash Frontier

“Hit Man in Retirement” at Spelk