“Scotellaro gives his readers more to be thrilled about. As in his previous short fiction collections this new work (from Scantic Books) reveals his unique and entertaining take on the human condition. It is a full head-on pleasure to be savored.”

—Gunther Purdue, at Amazon

Ways to Read the World

  • Paperback: 137 pages
  • Publisher: Scantic Books (March 11, 2022)

Ways to Read the World is another masterwork by a brilliant weaver of the compact tale. Robert Scotellaro’s ability to compress whole worlds into a few sentences is singular, profoundly entertaining, and illuminating. As with the author’s previous flash fiction collections, this new offering challenges the reader’s complacency and imagination––a sudden turn of phrase and the train is off its tracks and bound in unexpected directions. The innovative triptych format works to marvelous effect, expanding and enriching the themes and motifs of its luminous prosetry. Scotellaro’s artistry, wit, and insight are on exquisite display in this superb new volume. A triple delight and triumph.”

   –– Michael C. Keith, author Insomnia 11 and Quiet Geography

 “No one has a deeper and more playful literary imagination than Robert Scotellaro. The triptychs in Ways to Read the World conjure up vivid worlds that are sometimes humorous, sometimes unsettling and oftentimes both—but always, always, supremely entertaining.”

   —Tom Hazuka, co-editor of Flash Fiction and Flash Nonfiction Funny

Ways to Read the World is a dazzling collection of stories so beautifully written and so powerfully sad that your heart will break over and over. No one—no one—does flash fiction better than Robert Scotellaro. Is there such a thing as a perfect book? This might be it.”

  —Robin Stratton, author of Some Have Gone and Some Remain

“In Ways to Read the World, Robert Scotellaro’s head-of-the-pin triptych stories are miniature wonders. This author’s great gift is his power to condense human experience into mini-marvels of diamond-cut prose.”

  —Meg Pokrass, author of Damn Sure Right and The Dog Sitting Next to Me