I’m not going to rank all sixty-eight [stories], but every one of them does pack that flash punch. Robert Scotellaro is a master of this form. It’s magic!

—Charles Rammelkamp, North of Oxford

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What Are the Chances?

  • Paperback: 134 pages
  • Publisher: Press 53 (2020)
  • Finalist for the Big Other Book Award in Fiction

“Dip into What Are the Chances? for lightning-quick glimpses into the human soul: an eldercare worker with an uncanny ability to finish sentences, an alluring woman in a squid mask, a couple who make love in front of funhouse mirrors, skateboarders in an empty swimming pool, a mockingbird making a fuss with a throat full of stolen music, a hit man in retirement. Here are promises, anticipations, titillations, regrets.”

—Jane Ciabattari, BBC Culture, The Literary Hub

“In What Are the Chances? Robert Scotellaro offers us spelunkers and pot-smoking nuns and birthday party clowns—and much, much more. In a heartbeat, we spiral into lives both ordinary yet on the edge of change and danger, and over the course of just a few pages, he lays bare damaged hearts and offers connections as tenuous as they are tender. His characters are flawed, yes, but they keep trying, reaching out for reconciliation and understanding, winning us over as they stumble toward a kind of imperfect grace. These stories are small, but they pack a heavyweight’s punch. Scotellaro is truly a master of the flash fiction form.”

—Curtis Smith, author of The Magpie’s Return

“Robert Scotellaro has given us a gift with this collection of taut, stunning prose. Each piece is a marvel. The characters, and the situations they find themselves in, are thrilling, unique and immensely entertaining. In seconds he can get your pulse throbbing, or put your anxiety at ease. Scotellaro displays a mastery of the short form.”

—Len Kuntz, author of I’m Not Supposed to Be Here and Neither Are You

“Each time I have the pleasure of reading a collection by Robert Scotellaro, I marvel at his ability to create so many unique and diverse miniature worlds. In What Are the Chances? he holds up multiple fun house mirrors, which continually reflect the sometimes distorted but very real lives of his characters as they navigate small, charged spaces. Scotellaro artfully magnifies detailed moments, assigning them huge import, and does so in his own miraculous way.”

—Tara Lynn Masih, Founding Series Editor of The Best Small Fictions and author of My Real Name Is Hanna

“In What are the Chances? Robert Scotellaro once again secures his place as a solid master of micro-fiction. Each story an adventure with the likes of rogue Uber drivers, breakdancing butchers, and skydiving grandmas. Each story told with the ever-present undertone of Scotellaro wisdom and charm. Each story perfectly complete while bursting out of its container to lock imaginations with the reader. And each story one you are not likely to forget any time soon.”

—Francine Witte, author of The Way of the Wind and Dressed All Wrong for This